Nexxo Bounty Campaign

  • The most liked and shared video will get 10 Million tokens!
  • The second liked and shared video will get 5 Million tokens.
  • The third liked and shared video will get 3 Million tokens.


You must cover the following 3 main things:

  • Top 3 reasons why you thinkg NEXXO is different
  • Your price prediction for NEXXO in December 2019
  • What would you do with you money, if you become a Millionaire from NEXXO Tokens


  • You must have a account
  • Content must be of relevant industry topic and reflect positivity about NEXXO
  • Only original content will be accepted. Video length to be at least 1½ minutes, in English only.
  • Campaign runs from Dec 1st - Dec 31st

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